Giving and receiving



One day, a young student and his professor enjoyed a view. The professor was often called “students’ friend” by his students because he was kind and open-mind.

Suddenly, they saw old shoes on the road. These shoes belonged to a poor farmer which was finishing his work on the farm.


The student said: “Let’s annoy that farmer. I’ll  conceal his shoes and we’ll hide after this brush to see his attitude when he realizes that they’ve disappeared”.


But the professor stopped him: “Young man, we shouldn’t annoy poor men to have fun. You’re rich student, so you can find a bigger happiness from that farmer. Please put a gold coin to each shoe and wait for his attitude”.


The student followed the instructions, and they hid after a brush.


A little time later, the farmer finished his work and came across the field towards his shoes. When he put on the first shoe, he wondered because there’s a gold coin in it. His face was amazing. He stared at the coin, turned it up and down, and looked around. But he didn’t see anyone. He put it into his  pocket, and continued put on the another shoe. And his wonder was increased many times when he saw the second coin. With full of happinesses, he kneeled down, rose his face up to the sky, and started to pray. He thanked for someone who had help him because he was in dangerous situation. His wife was very sick and his children had nothing to eat.


The student couldn’t say anything. His face was full of tears. The professor said: “Now, do you feel happier than annoying him?” And he answered: “I will never forget your lesson. Now I’ve understood the real meaning of the statement that I couldn’t understand before: “Giving is happier than receiving”.